Demoboard EPC9063

EPC2107 – Enhancement-Mode GaN Power Transistor Half-Bridge with Integrated Synchronous Bootstrap

Topologie: Other

Erstveröffentlichung am 30.10.2017, Version 1.0


The EPC9063 development board can be configured as either a buck converter or a ZVS class-D amplifier. The synchronous bootstrap gate drive enables high efficiency and high frequency operation.The EPC9063 is a 100 V maximum device voltage, 1.5 A maximum output current, half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2107 enhancement mode (eGaN®)half bridge. The gate driver has been configured with a synchronous FET bootstrap circuit included in the EPC2107 device that eliminates high side device losses induced by the reverse recovery losses of the internal bootstrap diode of the gate driver.


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie L
Material Version Pins Reihen Gender Typ Verpackung Muster
744314101 PDF WE-HCI SMT-Hochstrominduktivität 10 3.5 7.5 4 33 40 Superflux SMT
61300211121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 3 2 Single Pin Header Gerade Beutel
61300111121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 3 1 Single Pin Header Gerade Beutel

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