Power Integration

Demoboard DER-613

27 W USB PD 3.0 Power Supply with 3.3 V – 11 V PPS Output Using InnoSwitchTM3-Pro

Topologie: Flyback
Eingangsspannung (min.): 85.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 265.00 V
Ausgang 1: 5.00 V / 3.000 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 24.09.2018, Version 1.0


This document is an engineering report describing a 27 W USB PD power supply with 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 3 A, or 3.3 V – 11 V Programmable Power Supply (PPS) output using InnoSwitch3-Pro INN3366C-H301 IC and Weltrend WT6635P USB PD controller. This design shows the high power density and efficiency that is possible due to the high level of integration of the InnoSwitch3-Pro controller providing exceptional performance.


  • InnoSwitch3-Pro
  • digitally controllable CV/CC QR flyback switcher IC with integrated highvoltageMOSFET, synchronous rectification and FluxLinkTM feedback
  • I2C Interface enables low pin count USB PD Controller (10 pin)
  • Sophisticated telemetry and comprehensive protection features
  • USB PD 3.0 with PPS using highly optimized, low pin count USB PD Controller WT6635P
  • All the benefits of secondary-side control with the simplicity of primary-side regulation
  • Insensitive to transformer variation
  • Meets DOE6 and CoC v5 2016 efficiency requirement (>1% efficiency margin)
  • Micro stepping of voltages (20 mV) and CC thresholds (50 mA) in compliance with PPSprotocol
  • Output overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • <30 mW no-load input power


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie Anwendung Interface typ Typ Gender Pins Montageart Arbeitsspannung
(V (DC))
Verpackung Muster
632723300011 PDF WR-COM USB 3.1 Type C Receptacle Horizontal THR / SMT USB 3.1 Type C Horizontal Receptacle 24 THR 20 Tape and Reel

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  • INN3366C-H301
    Topologie: Flyback, Eingangsspannung (min.): 85.00 V, Eingangsspannung (max.): 265.00 V, Ausgang 1: 9.00 V / 3.000 A