Power Integration

Demoboard DER-447

184 W LLC CV/ CC Power Supply Using HiperLCSTM LCS705HG and LinkSwitchTM-TN LNK302D

Topologie: LLC Resonant
Eingangsspannung (min.): 90.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 132.00 V
Ausgang 1: 23.00 V / 8.000 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 21.01.2016, Version 4.2


184 W LLC CV/ CC Power Supply UsingHiperLCSTM LCS705HG and LinkSwitchTM-TNLNK302D90 VAC – 132 VAC Input;184 W (23 V at 0.5 A - 8 A) OutputBattery ChargerRev. 4.2This engineering report describes a 23 V (nominal), 184 W reference design for a power operating from 90 VAC to 132 VAC. The power supply is designed with a constantvoltage / constant current output for use in battery charger applications.The design is based on the LCS705HG operating from doubled mains, with no PFC input stage. This design poses special challenges in that the primary and secondary voltages of the LLC converter both vary over a wide range.


  • Integrated LLC stage for a very low component count design• 90-132 VAC voltage doubler input (no PFC)• 100 kHz LLC for wide input/output operating range• >90% full load efficiency


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