WR- MPC4 4.20 mm Male Single Row Vertical Header

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Pitch 4.2 mm
Gender Male


Insulator Material PA66
Insulator Flammability Rating UL94 V-0
Insulator Color White
Contact Material Copper Alloy
Contact Plating Tin
Contact Type Stamped


Operating Temperature -40 up to +105 °C
Working Voltage 600 V (AC)
Withstanding Voltage 1500 V (AC)
Contact Resistance 10 mΩ
RISO 1000 MΩ


Packaging Tray


SPEC Order Code Pins Pitch
Gender Type Rows Mount Working Voltage
(V (AC))
PCB/Cable/Panel Contact Resistance
Tol. R L
Packaging Files Design Kit Samples
1 PDF 64900211122 2 4.2 Male Vertical Single THT 600 PCB 10 max. 9.6 Tray 64900211122 (rev1).stp64900211122 (rev1).igs64900211122_1 (rev1).pdf 649001
2 PDF 64900311122 3 4.2 Male Vertical Single 600 PCB 10 max. 13.8 Tray 64900311122 (rev1).stp64900311122 (rev1).igs64900311122_1 (rev1).pdf 612690
3 PDF 64900411122 4 4.2 Male Vertical Single THT 600 PCB 10 max. 18 Tray 64900411122 (rev1).stp64900411122 (rev1).igs64900411122_1 (rev1).pdf 649001
4 PDF 64900511122 5 4.2 Male Vertical Single THT 600 PCB 10 max. 22.2 Tray 64900511122 (rev1).stp64900511122 (rev1).igs64900511122_1 (rev1).pdf 649001

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