ON Semiconductor

Demoboard D-STPR-GEVK Evaluation Board

Micro-Stepping Motor Driver

Topology: Other
Switching Frequency (min.): 20.50 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 50.20 kHz


The AMIS30543 is a micro stepping stepper motor driver for bipolar stepper motors. The chip is connected through IO pins and a SPI interface with an external microcontroller. It has an on chip voltage regulator, reset output and watchdog reset able to supply peripheral devices. AMIS30543 contains a current translation table and takes the next micro step depending on the clock signal on the NXT input pin and the status of the DIR (direction) register or input pin. The chip provides a speed and load angle output. This allows the creation of stall detection algorithms and control loops based on load angle to adjust torque and speed. It is using a proprietary PWM algorithm for reliable current control. The AMIS30543 is implemented in I2T100 technology enabling both high voltage analog circuitry and digital functionality on the same chip. The chip is fully compatible with the automotive voltage requirements.


  • Programmable peak current up to 3A
  • 128 micro steps
  • Speed and load angle output
  • Programmable PWM voltage slopes
  • Active flyback diodes
  • Integrated power and watchdog support for an external MCU


  Order Code SPEC Product series C
(V (DC))
Betriebstemperatur Ø D
Technische Artikelnummer Tol. C Keramiktyp H
Pins Reihen Gender Typ IR 1
Verpackung Betätigungskraft
VPE Anwendung PCB/Kabel/Panel Modularity Wire Section Samples
865230657013 PDF WCAP-AS5H Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors 100 50 50 12 160 -40 °C up to +105 °C 10 10.5 ASDF105101M050DVCTEE000
885012107014 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0805 10 16 10 X5R0805106M016DFCT10000 ±20% X5R Class II 1.25
885012206022 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0603 220 10 5 X7R0603224K010DFCT10000 ±10% X7R Class II 0.8
885012206073 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0603 220 25 3.5 X7R0603224K025DFCT10000 ±10% X7R Class II 0.8
885012206095 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0603 100 50 3 X7R0603104K050DFCT10000 ±10% X7R Class II 0.8
61300211121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 2 Single Pin Header Straight 3 Bag
430182043816 PDF WS-TASV SMT Tact Switch 6x6 mm 4.3 160 1000
691361300002 PDF WR-TBL Serie 361 - 3.81 mm Vertical 2 Vertical Pluggable Cable No 16 to 26 (AWG) 1.31 to 0.129 (mm²)
691381000006 PDF WR-TBL Serie 381 - 2.50 mm Vertical CAB Entry Plug Screwless 6 Vertical Pluggable Cable No 16 to 24 (AWG) 1.31 to 0.205 (mm²)
691382010006 PDF WR-TBL Serie 382 - 2.50 mm Horizontal PCB Header 6 Horizontal Pluggable PCB No
691322310002 PDF WR-TBL Serie 322 - 3.81 mm Horizontal PCB Header 2 Horizontal Pluggable PCB No