ON Semiconductor

Demoboard LV8907UWSLDGEVK

Topology: Other
Input Voltage (min.): 5.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 20.00 V

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The LV8907 is a high performance, AEC−Q100 qualified,sensor−less three−phase BLDC motor controller with integrated gate drivers for driving external N−MOSFETs. An on−chip two−stage charge pump provides required gate voltage for a wide range of low RDS(ON) type external N−MOSFETs. The device offers a rich set of system protection and diagnostic functions such as over−current,over−voltage, short−circuit, under−voltage, over−temperature and many more. It supports open−loop as well as closed−loop speed control with user configurable startup, speed setting and proportional/integral (PI) control coefficients, making it suitable for a wide range of motor and load combinations. With a built−in linear regulator for powering external circuits, a watchdog timer, and a LIN (Local Interconnect Network) transceiver, the LV8907 offers a very small system solution.The LV8907 stores system parameters in embedded one−timeprogrammable (OTP) non−volatile memory in addition to RAMsystem memory. An SPI interface is provided for parameter setting and monitoring the system status. With the operating junction temperature tolerance up to 175°C and electrically LIN compatible control signals (PWM and Enable), the LV8907 is an ideal solution for stand−alone BLDC motor control systems.


  • AEC−Q100 Qualified and PPAP Capable
  • Operating Junction Temperature Up to 175°C
  • Operating Voltage Range from 5.5 V to 20 V with Tolerance from 4.5 V to 40 V
  • Embedded Proprietary Sensor−less Trapezoidal andPseudo−sinusoidal Commutation
  • Supports Open−loop as well as Closed−loop Speed Control
  • Integrated Gate Drivers for Driving Six N−MOSFETs
  • Two−stage Charge Pump for Continuous 100% Duty CycleOperation
  • 5 V /3.3 V Regulator, LIN Transceiver and Watchdog TimerApplications Using an External Microcontroller.
  • Configurable Speed Settings and PI Control Coefficients
  • Various System Protection Features Including:
  • Shoot through Protection Using Configurable Dead−time
  • Drain−source Short Detection
  • Cycle−by−cycle Current Limit and Over−current Shutdown
  • Over−voltage and Under−voltage Shutdown
  • Over−temperature Warning and Shutdown
  • Input PWM Fault Detection


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