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180-265 Vac up to 15 Watt Dimmable LED Driver Evaluation Board User's Manual

Topology: Flyback
Input Voltage (min.): 180.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 265.00 V
Output 1: 50.00 V / 0.350 A

Original publication on 2012-09-06, revision 2 on


The NCL30000 is a power factor corrected LED driver controller. This evaluation board manual describes the setup and operation of the NCL30000LED2GEVB LED driver for 230 V input. The evaluation board implements an isolated single stage Critical conduction Mode (CrM) flybackconverter providing a regulated constant current to an LED load. This board has been specifically configured to support leading and trailing edge line dimming and has been Characterized across a range of commercially available dimmers. The output voltage range is suitable for nominal4 to 15 high brightness power LEDs. Protection features include open load protection, over temperature protection, and overload limiting. As shipped, the evaluation board is set up for the following parameters:


  • Input Voltage Range: 180 − 265 Vac
  • Output Current: 350 mA 5%
  • Output Voltage Range: 12 − 50 Vdc
  • Output Power: up to 17.5 W
  • Full Load Efficiency: >82%
  • Power Factor: >0.93 Typical
  • 50C Ambient Operation
  • Class B Conducted Emissions
  • Compatible with Triac and Electronic Dimmers


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