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PFC and Half-Bridge Resonant Combo Controller for LED Lighting

Topology: Half-Bridge
Input Voltage (min.): 90.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 265.00 V
Switching Frequency (min.): 13.50 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 75.00 kHz
Output 1: 50.00 V / 1.500 A


The NCL30051 is a combination of a power factor correction (PFC) and half-bridge resonant controller optimized for off-line LED lighting applications. The device integrates all the features needed to implement a hightly efficient and small form factor LED driver. It contains a critical conduction mode (CrM) fixed on time boost controller and a half-bridge resonant controller with a built-in 600 V high side gate driver. The half-bridge stage operates at a fixed frequency - greatly simplifying the control implementation. The output (current or voltage)regulation can be achieved by adjusting the PFC stage output voltage based on a feedback signal generated external to the controller. This device includes an enable input on the FFC feedback pin, PFC open feedback protection, and PFC overvoltage and undervoltage detectors. Other features included in the NCL30051 are a 600 V startup circuit and an adjustable frequency oscillator with a divide by 2 circuit to assure a balanced duty ratio. Controller sequencing is built-in simplying the system design.


  • Voltage Mode CrM Power Factor Correction Controller
  • PFC Open Feedback Loop Protection
  • PFC Undervoltage Detector
  • PFC Overvoltage Detector
  • Half−Bridge Stage with 600 V High Side Gate Drive
  • State Machine Ensures Proper Turn−on and Turn−off ofHalf−Bridge Stage
  • Controllers are Properly Sequenced for Fault Free Operation
  • Non−Latching Fault Management
  • Internal 600 V Startup Circuit
  • Wide Temperature Range of −40°C to +125°C
  • This is a Pb−Free Device


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750340680 PDF MID-PFC Inductors for Power Factor Correction 675 0.4 1000 24 24 24.14 THT
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    Topology: Other, Switching Frequency (min.): 13.50 kHz, Switching Frequency (max.): 75.00 kHz