ON Semiconductor


Current-Mode PWM Controller for LED Controller for LED

Topology: Flyback
Switching Frequency (min.): 61.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 67.00 kHz


The NCL30073 is a highly integrated PWM controller capable ofdelivering a rugged and high performance LED converter in a tinyTSOP−6 package. With a supply range up to 24 V, the controller hostsa 65 kHz switching circuitry operated in peak current mode control.When the voltage on FB pin decreases, the controller enters skip cyclewhile limiting the peak current.Over Power Protection (OPP) is a difficult exercise especially whenno−load standby requirements drive the converter specifications. TheON proprietary integrated OPP lets you harness the maximumdelivered power without affecting your standby performance simplyvia two external resistors. An Over Voltage Protection is alsocombined on the same pin but also on the VCC line. They offer anefficient protection in case of adverse open loop operation.Finally, a timer−based short−circuit protection offers the bestprotection scheme, letting you precisely select the protection trip pointwithout caring of a loose coupling between the auxiliary and the powerwindings.


  • Fixed−frequency 65 kHz Current−mode Control Operation• Internal and Adjustable Over Power Protection (OPP) Circuit• Internal Ramp Compensation• Internally Fixed 4 ms Soft−start• 115 ms Timer−based Auto−recovery Short−circuit Protection• Protection − Autorecovery♦ OVP by VCC♦ OIP♦ OTP − Foldback♦ Short Circuit• Up to 24 V VCC Operation• Extremely Low No−load Standby Power• Isolated and Non−isolated Outputs• Good Regulation – 5%• High Power Factor > 0.9• Single Winding Inductor• Low Parts Count• EPS 2.0 Compliant• Pb−Free Devices• +300 mA/ −500 mA Source/Sink Drive Capability


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