WL-SWTC SMD White Top view Ceramic LED

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  • Dimensions
Size L
3535 3.45 3.45 0.71 SMT


  • Fast switching
  • No IR radiation
  • High brightness
  • Minimal side emission
  • Waterclear silicone lens
  • Top view
  • Flexible coupling with secondary optic
  • Various of color temperatures
  • Compact footprint
  • Thermal resistance junction to solder point: 8 K/W
  • LED junction temperature: 150°C
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level: 2


  • Interior lighting: Spot light, Down light, Shelf light
  • Outdoor lighting: Street light, Security light, Tunnel light, Parking lot light, Pedestrian light
  • Industrial lighting: High-bay light, Low-bay light
  • Consumer lighting: Torch light
  • Agricultural equipment lighting
  • LED Signal and Symbol luminaries


SPEC Order Code Simu-
Emitting Color CCT typ.
CRI typ. ΦV typ.
VF typ.
Chip Technology 50% typ.
Files Design Kit Samples
1 PDF 158353040 RE Moonlight 4000 75 110 3.2 InGaN 120 WL-SWTC (rev19a).IntLibDownloads_CADENCE_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipLTSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipPSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zip 158300
2 PDF 158353050 RE Daylight 5000 70 121 3.2 InGaN 120 WL-SWTC (rev19a).IntLibDownloads_CADENCE_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipLTSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipPSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zip 158300
3 PDF 158353060 RE Cool White 6000 70 121 3.2 InGaN 120 WL-SWTC (rev19a).IntLibDownloads_CADENCE_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipLTSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zipPSpice_WL-SWTC (rev19a).zip 158300


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