Design Kit ShielDIY Custom Shielding Cabinets


Order Code: 360002

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  • Do It Yourself Shielding Cabinet, create your own cabinet with this kit
  • Shape your Board Level Shielding
  • Foldable and cuttable with carved lines every 5 mm
  • Material: Nickel Silver. Same performance as the tinplated steel used in the standard cabinets
  • Useful for fast prototyping


  • To prevent EMI radiation from PCB and to keep sensitivity low
  • RF output stages
  • RF input and amplifier stages
  • Oscillators
  • EMC sensitive parts in plastic cases

Cut it, fold it, test it. ShielDIY!

Create your own customized Shielding Cabinet for testing. Cut it, fold it and test it, DIY!

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SPEC Order Code Description Base Material H
PDF 360002 Design Kits EMC Components Nickel silver 0.2 206.4 148.1


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