WE-PD2 HV SMD Power Inductor (High Voltage)


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Size L
7850 7.0 7.8 5.0 SMT
1054 9.0 10.0 5.4 SMT


  • unshielded construction
  • Designed for 400 VDC
  • Operating temperature: –40°C to +125°C
  • Recommended solder profile: Reflow


  • Non-isolated buck or Buck-Boost Converter like PI LinkSwitch-TN
  • constant current LED Driver
  • Utility metering
  • Filter for power supply


  • 7850
  • 1054
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  • With effect 7th January 2010 the so-called standby regulation came into force within the European Union. Reducing the power consumption until 2020 by 75% in the standby mode is the aim of this regulation. Due to that regulation electrical home appliance, communication and office equipment aren’t allowed to spend more than 2 Watt in the standby mode. For devices which are simply reactivated only 1 Watt is allowed. From 2014 on the values will reduce further on.
  • For those standby applications SMPS are needed that are compact and efficient but don’t exceed the requested consumption either. The high voltage version of the power inductors WE-PD2 is especially designed for such applications. A special layout combined with a complex test setup guarantees the requested withstand voltage of the rectified supply voltage of 400 VDC.


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